Jeremiah, a prophet who disobeyed God and paid a price for it. We present a game that your children will be together with him, learning about courage and about how he loved his country and people!

recommended age 5 - 10


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An educational and interesting game. Children will join with Jeremiah and other lesser known characters from the Bible, learning new things about a difficult period in the history of Israel, listen to the story written in plain language and accessible, answering questions and solving problems appropriate for their age. This game will develop children's knowledge, spirit of observation and attention to detail and the and the drawings to be coloured included in the game will provide fun and educational moments, by biblical verses written below.

What the game box contains:

  • a booklet with Jeremiah's story - you can see it here!
  • game cards
    • 15 cards with questions about Jeremiah's story
    • 10 cards with questions with multiple choices
    • 5 cards with two almost identical pictures with only seven differences - would you like one of them? Click here!
    • 5 cards with "true" or "false" questions
    • 5 cards with winding roads which lead the soldiers to various destinations that have to be found - do you want to download two of them? Click here!
    • 5 cards with squares of letters. The players will jump horse of chess, needing to find certain words - click here to download two of them!
    • 5 cards with objects that make up a mosaic where are the words of a verse from Jeremiah. But a word is not part of the verse. The players will need to find it- click here to download two of them!
  • 12 coloured pawns and a dice
  • games rules and correct answers
  • colouring sheets - click here to see them or to download them!
  • the game board - one side is for the game Jeremiah and The Kings, the other one for the game Soldier's Mission.
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