An interesting and exciting game for

  • youth and teenagers meetings
  • Bible schools, camps, Bible study small groups


The box contains three sets of cards:

  • green - mountains, rivers and valleys
  • yellow - animals and plants from the Bible
  • blue - cities from the Biblie

On each card is written:

  • the name of a city, mountain, water, valley, animal, plant
  • the Bible reference
  • six taboo words closely related to the name written on the card

The game idea is simple: a player gets a card and a limited time to talk to his team (who do not know and cannot see what is written on the card) about the name written on the card, without using any of the six words. His team has to deduce what he is talking about.

Once there was a city... it is a team game. The teams have to be formed at least by 3 members..

Establish the order of teams and order of individual players in each team.

For smooth running of the game still need a Bible and a secondary clock or timer.

The game leader takes the pile of cards and the first player comes by leader and draw a card frm the pile. The leaders announce loudly START! and start the timer. The player reads the card in mind, without showing it to his team or other players and then begin to speak, trying to make his team understand what he is speaking about, without using banned words written on the card .

When his team correctly identified the name on the card, the player keeps the card and get another one and start to talk again about the name written on the card. The game leader stop the clock after two minutes and say out loud STOP and the player stops talking. Card to the team failed to respond remains at the game leader, who says which is the correct answer and makes sure that that card is not given to another team.

The player goes back into his team and a player fromt the next team comes in front.

A round of play lasts until all participants have come once in front. The game can go another round or more. At the end of the game each team count their cards. The team with the most cards is the winning one.

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