Daniel, a fascinating character, a hero loved by both children and adults. We present a game that your children will be together with him, learning about courage, dignity, deep faith in God and the wisdom of Daniel!

reccomended age: 5-10


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A simple game, but very educational and interesting. Children will live with Daniel serving kings of Babylon, listening to the teaching of the Bible written in plain language and accessible, answering questions and solving problems appropriate to their age. This game will develop children's knowledge, spirit of observation and attention to detail and the drawings to be coloured included in the game will provide fun and educational moments, by biblical verses written below.

What can be found in the box:

  • a booklet with Daniel's story - you can see it here!
  • game cards
    • 7 cards with questions about Daniel's story
    • 7 cards with questions with multiple choices
    • 5 cards with two almost identical pictures with only six differences - would you like one of them? Click here!
    • 7 cards with "true" or "false" questions
    • 5 cards with winding roads which lead the king to various destinations that have to be found - do you want to download two of them? Click here!
    • 5 cards which ask the player to find out how many objects that meet a certain condition (stated on the back of the card) - click here to download two of them!
  • four coloured pawns and a dice
  • games rules and correct answers
  • colouring sheets - click here to see them or to download them!
  • the game board - one side is for the game Daniel and The Kings, the other side is for the game The King's Logic.


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