An attractive game for the PC! You can learn about The New Testament characters, you can test your knowledge and speed of response!

and here download a demo!



Playing on your computer you can learn a lot about some of the characters in the New Testament! An interesting program with you can test your knowledge but also attention and speed of response! !

Several levels, with varying degrees of difficulty, conducted counter-time and questions about

  • words spoken by characters - 3 levels
  • acts of characters - 3 levels
  • atitudes of characters - 2 levels
  • items associated with characters - 2 nivele

Other characteristics of this software:

  • a simple and intuitive menu
  • at the beginning of each level, players can opt to move to a system of "help" illustrated with practical, animated examples
  • questions answered incorrectly can be resumed, but your time would be shorter
  • as an answer is given, the correct answer is displayed and the player can opt to display the Bible reference for the verse containing the correct answer

Interesting? You can download a demo here!

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