When Jesus came - the most amazing adventure in history!

You can spend hours with children or a group of teenagers and young people learning almost imperceptibly what Bible tells us about the Incarnation of Jesus!



Get step by step, along with Joseph and Mary, the most amazing adventure of history. A plan conceived from eternity for salvation of mankind, plan whose steps were carried out with precision over thousands years is now in a decisive phase. Find it too!

What's in the box:

  • 128 cards with questions from Bible about the events which took place around the Birth of Jesus.
    Each card contains:
    • the question
    • the correct answer
    • the Bible verse or verses in which we can find the correct answer
  • 4 puzzles, 24 pieces each, which assembled correctly form four beautiful pictures about the Birth of Jesus.
  • 4 cards with the models for puzzle
  • 4 coloured pawns
  • game board
  • games rules

With these elements you can play two games:

First put to the test eye wit: redo with the puzzle pieces, four superb paintings. Puzzle pieces are assembled responding in turn to one of the 128 questions on the cards (grouped into four levels of difficulty) of the Bible account of Jesus' birth.

The second is a game where the players rush with the pawns from the plains of Bethlehem with the shepherds, to get to the manger to see what the angels proclaimed! The pawns will advance as the players answer to the questions on the cards.