A gateway to the fascinating universe of Bible characters



You can spend hours with groups of adolescents and youth, family and friends, entering the gallery of the most important characters of the Bible, finding out what ththey thought, how they behave and what they did! You have in each box several versions of this game so it can be used anywhere: at home, during or after Bible lessons, in teenagers and youth meetings (as well as those of adults who want to learn more from the Bible!) In camps, indoor or outdoor. .

What you get with each of these games?

  • 4 sets, 32 coloured cards each, with the names of proeminent characters in Old or New Testament
  • questions grouped by themes and difficulty levels on what they said, what they did, what attitudes they had in different situations and what items were characteristic to them
  • the correct answers to these questions and the Bible references for these answers
  • the rules for different variants of this game
  • CD with software for displaying questions on the monitor or a projector with a built-in software timer!