You can spend hours with children or a group of teenagers and young people learning almost imperceptibly what the Bible say about death and resurrection of Jesus!




A game that takes us step by step with Jesus in all that happened from the Last Supper until after the resurrection.

The box contains:

  • 4 sets of cards with questions from The Bible about the events that happened before crucifixion, in the day of Ressurection and after that.
    on each card there is:
    • a question
    • the correct answer
    • Bible verse in which we can find the correct answer
  • 4 puzzles, 25 pieces each, with beautiful pictures whose subject is related to the events of Easter.
  • models for puzzle
  • 4 coloured pawns
  • game board
  • rules of the game

With all these you can play two games:

The price Jesus paid - correct answers to questions on cards bring players puzzle pieces, winner being the first who successfully complete the picture chosen.

To be with Jesus - a game where the correct answers to questions help players move the pawns on the board so they arrive as soon as possible near to Jesus.