A funny and educational game for

  • kids, parents and grandparents!
  • VBS, camps, kid's clubs, Sunday Schools, family trips... you name it!

In the box you will find 51 cards:

  • 25 cards that include: a nice coloured pictrure of a Bible character, together with an object or element in nature that is related to that character, character name, reference of a Bible verse that speaks about that character and a number indicating how many years before us lived that character
  • 25 cards on which the object or element in nature that is related to a character, the Bible verse reference, and a phrase that present something important about the character.
  • a card called The Little Bee, on which is drawn, of course, a bee!

With these cards you can play four different games, each of them described on the rules of the game sheet found in the box: The Little Bee, Time Line - left or right?, Time Line - hooper!, Time Line - each one.

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